An Environmental Scan was initially conducted by the CVC Expert Advisory Group to identify broad emerging trends relating to chronic disease management and then to review and assess these resources (updated December 2015). The resulting Clearinghouse lists best practice resources available for free access by Health Professionals on the following:

  • Chronic care model and care coordination
  • Resources to support the roll out of the program (templates and other forms of guidance)
  • Links to other related training options
  • Links to other agencies to provide access to ongoing support for the veteran population
  • Links to supporting information including the MBS and related programs and DVA arrangements and programs.

It also contains information on grey literature resources that have been developed during the program for use in General Practice.

This list has been designed to evolve and grow through input and ideas. If you have any suggestions for new content or how we can improve the list then the Clearinghouse welcomes your feedback. If you think it is a great idea chances are there are others who will agree.

Specialist Clearinghouses:

Other resources:

Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA) popular Mental Health Advice Book for treating veterans with common mental health problems, first printed in 2007, has been extensively revised and updated to assist practitioners to deliver the most effective mental health treatment for veterans. This resource offers best-practice in assessment, formulation and treatment of common mental health problems and now includes a DVD of relevant case studies and information on complex case formulation.

Veterans’ MATES

Veterans’ MATES Therapeutic Topic 38 is now available. Chronic musculoskeletal pain: Helping to solve the pain puzzle highlights the benefits of a multimodal approach to chronic pain and outlines the appropriate use of medicines. It encourages veterans to talk to their doctor, pharmacist and others in the health care team.

Home Medicine Review. This brochure gives veterans 8 good reasons for having a Home Medicines Review as well as information about how a Home Medicines Review works. It encourages veterans to talk to their doctor and pharmacist to see if they may benefit from having a Home Medicines Review.