The CVC Program Toolkit

The CVC Program Toolkit includes questionnaires for use in conducting a comprehensive needs assessment:

  • Partners in Health (PIH) Scale – to assess self-management of chronic conditions
  • The Kessler 10 (K 10) – to assess anxiety and depression
  • The SNAP (Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical Activity) assessment – lifestyle risk factors and
  • The CNAT questionnaire – a comprehensive health needs assessment for older veterans.

The CVC Program Toolkit – needs assessment (PDF)

The use of these questionnaires is explored in more detail in Module Two – Care Planning and Coordination with the Flinders Program™.  The CNAT questionnaire was developed to facilitate health assessments of veterans enrolled in the CVC Program but includes many of the required elements of a 75+ health assessment. The tool can be  used more generally for older veterans who are not eligible but who could benefit from a comprehensive assessment.

The CNAT is composed of a series of questions to detect problems of high prevalence in older veterans. Some of these problems–such as mental health, sexual dysfunction, and alcohol and substance use disorders are commonly seen in veterans. This assessment is primarily intended to occur in the home but could be modified to the clinical setting if required