Prepare for the CVC Program

While many practices are already delivering proactive, planned, multidisciplinary care, there may be some changes needed to the practice set-up and procedures to implement the CVC Program. GPs who decide to be involved in the CVC Program are responsible for preparing for the program, enrolling participants and providing ongoing care.

The CVC Program provides payments for ongoing team-based, quarterly periods of care to complement the existing fee-for-service arrangements. Note: the CVC MBS items are in addition to all existing MBS Schedule items.

GPs enrol eligible Gold Card holders and provide ongoing, comprehensive and coordinated care with the assistance of the nurse coordinator. The nurse coordinator can be a PN; a CN from a DVA contracted community nursing provider or an AHW. Identifying and appointing a nurse coordinator for each participant on the CVC Program who will have access to a private space when undertaking care coordination and meeting with CVC participants is an essential action for this stage.

The CVC Prepare your Practice Checklist list questions and suggested responsibilities when reviewing your practice’s readiness to implement the CVC Program.