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Understanding the Military Experience

Understanding the Military Experience is a free online training program for mental health providers.  The 2 hour program helps providers better understand the context in which their veteran patients are presenting and the long-term effects that military service can have on the mental health and wellbeing of veterans of all ages.  Understanding the Military Experience demonstrates that it is not only combat exposure that has the potential to affect veterans for the rest of their lives, but that military training and culture continues to shape their behaviour years after they leave the military.

The aim of this training is to assist providers to offer more relevant and effective care for their veteran patients.

Case Formulation

Case Formulation assists front line therapists to make better sense of complexity, and design and plan treatment in collaboration with their patient. This online learning program assists providers to identify and focus on the presenting problems that are likely to have the most impact on recovery and help set priorities for treatment. Users will learn about the case formulation approach, and have the opportunity to hear from experts, watch demonstrations of case formulation, and then practice case formulation based on veteran case studies.  The program is free and can be used for continuous professional development.  To access this training, click here.

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vetAWARE online

A veteran mental health training package designed specifically for Nurses, nursing support personnel, ex-Service volunteers and other providers who assist veterans and their families in the home. This training has been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing Australia and offers 10 Continuing Professional Development points.  To access this training, click here.


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